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Our Strong Pedagogy
The Foundation Of Our Curriculum
At Paper Planes, the curriculum is custom-designed and is inspired by Waldorf Education and the Reggio Emilia Approach. Young children’s minds are like sponges and they absorb information extensively through their senses. Children from birth to the age of 7 are known to learn through imitation. Our pedagogy strives to develop each child’s intellectual, artistic, and practical skills in an integrated and holistic manner. The cultivation of a child’s imagination and creativity is our central focus.
Teaching Techniques
We are experts in shaping young minds intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and also academically while ensuring that there is love, laughter, and happiness in each moment spent in school. The diversified approach in thinking, exploring and discovering is backed by group activities, games, music, free creative expression, arts and crafts, fairy tales and fables, cooking, puppetry, scientific reasoning and evaluation, rhythm and movement, brain gym, etc. A child learns effortlessly through these wonderful experiences. The unique teaching techniques deeply ingrained in our curriculum are as follows:
Kids Dancing
Eurythmy is the art of movement of the body and makes for intelligent feet and hands. It is a technique that helps instill awareness and mindfulness through rhythm, music and fun-filled movement. At Paper Planes, this unique combination of visible speech and visible music adds life to everyday classroom learning. This helps form an intelligent head and a compassionate heart.
Plane 3
An acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Mathematics, STEM helps in application of concepts through sparking natural curiosity, hypothesizing, reasoning, predicting, and problem-solving and takes place through natural interactions with real objects in the child’s environment. At Paper Planes, STEM activities are the backbone for learning the lentire spectrum of concepts covered in each class throughout the year.
Kids Telescope
Plane 4
Creative Expression
Kids Dancing
Encouraging boundless imagination creates opportunities for discoveries.. Art has the cathartic ability to lend a tangible form to a child’s emotions and thoughts. It allows children to use visual information to critique, interpret and make choices based on it. At Paper Planes, our focus on free creative expression helps children develop cognitive and fine motor skills. It encourages uninhibited emotional and creative expression thus making young learners more independent and confident.
Rhythm and Movement
Kids Dancing
This a Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) which comprises of movement- based activities that focus on the physical development of the child. At Paper Planes, these are carefully-crafted, fun-filled activities which are packed with learning foundations. These activities sharpen the ability to perceive, process and respond through sensorial experiences. They strengthen gross motor skills and improve body balance.
Yoga and Meditation
At Paper Planes, Yoga and meditation are built into the daily activity schedules. These simple daily activities instill peace and harmony in children’s minds and hearts. This is an early introduction to overall well-being. It helps calm the young learners, improves concentration and helps release pent up emotions. Besides, it also helps prevent stress, anxiety, fear, emotional imbalances and hyperactivity in young children.
Kids Telescope
Human Values
Kids Dancing
An essential ingredient in our recipe for holistic development is to foster relationships based on love, respect, and care for each child as unique in body, soul, and spirit. This approach helps kindle gratitude, generosity, compassion, fearlessness, love & creative exploration. It imbibes essential values of sincerity and hard work.
Plane 2
Holistic Growth
Kids Dancing
The learning processes foster harmony in all the development phases of a child’s life. It armours children with maturity, creativity, resilience, confidence to meet any challenge coming their way.
Plane 6
Our curriculum is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of every child. Simple techniques that involve basic churning of concepts, slowly lead the little minds on a trip of exploration through curiosity, while having fun at the same time. Our diverse activities are designed to teach the simplest of concepts in the most probing way. These learning experiences become lifelong memories, thereby creating a strong fundamental foundation and a love for learning.
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