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Our Vision
To seed deep insights into life while nurturing free-thinking, responsible and enlightened world citizens as the positive change agents for global futures.

Our Mission
➼ To create a luminous, delightful pre-school in nurturing the joy of childhood and allowing it to blossom with spontaneity, curiosity, wonder, enthusiasm, and discovery.
➼ To steer our pedagogy through innovative learning modules encompassing compassion, respect, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and creative exploration hereby making them the guiding principles of all our thoughts and actions.
➼ To have a team of sensitive, loving and intensively trained teachers who commit entirely to the betterment and nurturance of children under their care – in mentoring with affection that sustains the students for life.
➼ To provide a safe, world-class facility where the involvement of teachers, parents and the environment play an important role in the learning processes.
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The Wind Beneath Our Wings
Our Inspiring Teachers
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Our teachers carry children with mindfulness, love, and warmth. They imbibe life learnings in children with joy and passion. Their affection and unparalleled compassion encourage each child to reach the best of their potential. As experts in their understanding of child psychology, these teachers are able to maintain positive and fruitful interactions with the children. They sow seeds of basic human values in our children and constantly nurture them to become strong, confident and compassionate citizens of tomorrow.
Qualifications & Experience
At Paper Planes Preschool, all our teachers are graduates with certifications in Early Child Care and Education (ECCE). We emphasize practical knowledge and application, and therefore, all our teachers have a minimum of 3 years of prior work experience. Learning is a lifelong process and we constantly train our teachers to deliver their best in the classroom. This helps us ensure that our teachers are constantly evolving their teaching practices to meet the ever-changing needs of young learners.
The Paper Planes Family
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Ms. Deepti Mendiratta
[Founder and Principal]
Visionary with a passion for excellence in early child care and education practices.
Ms. Shveta Sharma
Ensures smooth daily operation with her ever-watchful eyes.
Ms. Jaya Kolwalkar
Constantly engages her students in new and exciting ways.
Ms. Pratha Dayal
Excels in managing a class full of little bundles of energy.
Ms. Sheetal Jadhav
Strives to bring the best out in each child.
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